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01dB-Metravib Sold

December 11, 2011     2,364 views    

As part of its refocusing strategy, the AREVA group has sold 01dB-Metravib to five of its senior executives.  The purchase is backed by the Lyon, France capital investment group EVOLEM who becomes the main shareholder.  The new company is now ACOEM.


"The strength of the project that we introduced is in the fact that Evolem is involved on the long term beside the managers, with strong shared ambitions" underlines Franck Urbanski, associate director at Evolem. "We wish to accompany this expert in its international development to form a "monitoring centre" reaching 150 M€ of sales revenue by


01dB-Metravib was a maker of sound and vibration measurement instruments including sound level meters, analyzers, noise monitors, vibration-based predictive maintenance systems, and dynamic mechanical properties testers.


For more information, see 01dB-Metravib webpage.