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Meggitt Injunction Against Niell-Tech

January 10, 2014     7,634 views    

Meggitt (Orange County), Inc has obtained a preliminary injunction as part of trade secret misappropriation litigation against  defendants Xiamen Niell Electronics Co Ltd and Nie Yongzhong (aka William Nie or Bill Nie).


Meggitt is the maker of Endevco brand accelerometers.  Xiamen Niell Electronics Co.,Ltd., also known as Niell-Tech is an sensor and accelerometer company headquartered in Xiamen, China.


Meggitt filed a complaint on February 11, 2013, alleging that Defendant Nie Yongzhong, aka William Nie and Defendant Xiamen Niell Electronics Co., Ltd. (collectively, "Defendants"), misappropriated trade secrets involving the design and assembly of sensor products while Mr. Nie was an employee at Meggitt Xiamen, a subsidiary of Meggitt.  Meggitt alleges Mr. Nie brought the secrets to Niell-Tech, a company he founded.


On September 26, 2013, Judge David O. Carter of the US District Court Central District of California granted the preliminary injuction requested by Meggitt.


See Judge Carter's opinion.

See Niell-Tech's response on their website.