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    • Last updated January 11, 2014
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New Wilcoxon Vibration Meters

January 11, 2014     7,390 views    

Meggitt Sensing Systems has released the Machinery Mate ™ family of Wilcoxon brand vibration meters.  The IP67 rated meters display bearing conditions and vibration values which  are color coded to ISO alarm levels for machinery health at a glance. Built-in band filters provide a clear picture of machine problems, including unbalance, misalignment and looseness conditions.  An 800 line FFT spectrum identifies complex issues.


The MAC200 is the basic model with an integral accelerometer. The MAC800, 810, and 820 have additional features and detached accelerometer connected with a cable. The MAC820 includes strobe attachment for speed determination and a bluetooth headphones for listening to the vibration signal.


All in the family are compatible with the DataMate trending software.


Learn more at the Wilcoxon website.